Waste Compactor Balers For Sale Or Hire

To suit your business, we have a range of waste compactor baler hire services, as well as waste balers for sale, which are available in a variety of sizes as well as horizontal and vertical options. We also offer the ‘individual baler’ which can be customised to your own needs and site requirements. Ideal for reducing waste paper, waste cardboard, waste cans and plastics. Waste balers mechanically compress your waste down into a tidy bale, this is then ‘binded’ to keep it in shape ready for collection. For more information about our different waste compactors that are available for hire then please look below.

Waste Balers For Sale Or Hire?

We have waste balers for sale or hire. Which option is best for you will depend on your individual needs and uses for your waste baler. Renting has the benefits of allowing for an upgrade more frequently and you only have to pay for the waste baler when you need it and there are no maintenance costs. However, our waste balers for sale also offer benefits to consider, including getting the most for your money. Purchasing most things outright often works out significantly cheaper, but this is only the case if the waste baler is going to be used regularly over a long period.

As well as this, when your waste baler is not in use, it can then be rented, meaning you can still profit from the investment. However, the main drawback is the cost and inconvenience of maintenance, which will be covered when renting but, will be extra when purchasing.  A resolution for this dilemma is our Service and Repair options which enable cover and security.

Mini Baler

This baler will produce bales weighing up to 75kgs (depending on material) its 8 tons of pressure, ease of operation and low maintenance makes this baler a popular choice for the lower volume user.

Midi Baler

This midi baler will produce bales weighing up to 250kgs (depending on material) with its reliable modern push button electrics and 10 tons of pressure, this baler is ideal for cardboard and plastic.

Ultimate Mill Size Baler

The ultimate mill size baler is just as it sounds! This baler will produce bales weighing in excess of 500kgs (depending on material) the ultimate baler is one of a few that actually produces a true wire tied 500k.

HZ500 semi-automatic baler

The Recycling Balers HZ500 semi-automatic mill size baler is the largest in our range of balers. This baler is suitable for sites that generate high volumes of materials for recycling.

For more information on our waste balers for sale and hire contact us!