Twin Ram Horizontal Baler

Twin Ram Fully Automatic Horizontal Baler

The TR200 Two RAM Automatic high density baler is designed and built to press and bale different and difficult materials. Our Two RAM Baler Model TR200 is built with a solid one piece body structure, because we use a one piece body system this increases the reliability and provides long life and reduces structural weakness creating a more robust machine.


Compared with the standard Horizontal baling presses the TWO RAM baler is more flexible and best to handle various types of materials through it’s its fully enclosed, high-strength compression chamber. The TR200 model has a 10” wide high resolution touch screen control panel providing at least 15 programmable settings to choose from the logic controller. It’s easy to tune the machine perfectly to optimise your output.


Finally … Our TR200 Two Ram baler’s come with long life and reliable electro hydraulic components and with the extra HARDOX wear plates in the pressing tunnel as standard provide you with peace of mind that our machines are built to last!


L&P 330-340 Automatic wire tier (steel) USA – SICK Laser Infrared Actuators fotoeye 3 point / electromagnetic switch – RAM shear blade is replaceable HARDOX450 – Body shear blade replaceable HARDOX450 – Long Range Positioning – Operator Platform – Bale Exiting Table – Hopper View Door – CAD documented replaceable abrasive resistant steel liners on the floor, sides and platens – RAL colours to choose from RAL Catalogue – Conveyor starters