Waste Compactor Machines Available For Both Hire & Sale

If your business is looking to compress large amounts of unsorted waste into a container, then a waste compactor machine, available from Recycling Balers, is the right choice for you! Whether you require a waste compactor for hire or you would like to purchase one of our waste compactor machines, we can help you. A compactor is used to reduce the volume of waste and is then collected and disposed of by our waste collection team. Our waste compactors are available in a variety of different sizes and will reduce approximately 3 cubic yards of waste into 1.

Our machines use a single or automatic operator and therefore require minimal employee training. This means that not only can our waste compactor machines make your life easier when it comes to disposing of large volumes of waste, they are also very easy to use, making them a worthwhile investment.

We offer a full range of different waste compactor machines, all of which are designed with different environments and site demands in mind. We are bound to have a waste compactor that fulfills all of your needs. If you are seeking a reliable, high quality waste compactor company, then Recycling Balers are the company for you.

Contact Recycling Balers today on 0330 320 3751 to hire or buy your waste compactor machine today!

Static Compactors

These waste compactors have a high throughput, making them ideal for servicing shopping centres, large warehouses, superstores and other industrial applications where high volumes of waste are produced.

Portable Compactors

Portable Waste Compactors are designed for medium-high volume waste producers with restricted space, DJB portable compactors are liquid proof to avoid leakage from wet waste. When the unit is full...

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